Catch me on...

My shirt actually Says SPiN New York, now Spew =PAbout Me

My name is Thomas Nguyen, but you can call me Tom.

Over the years, I've created multiple personal blogs.  Blogs about my life, design, thoughts, fitness, martial arts, etc. I have decided that it was time to finally put it all together.


I was born and raised in a small town in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Looking back at everything, I absolutely loved the way I grew up and wouldn't have had it any other way.  I learned to appreciate the small town living and a great sense of community.

I graduated from Penn State University and will always be a Nittany Lion for life.  Penn State was also a perfect blend for me.  Great Fun, great education, great traditions and values, and also a family style aspect to it. I've been amazed that I've met so many fellow alumns across the nation and the world! If you have the time, read this article on Joe Paterno and you'll see the traditions and values he has brought to Penn State.


After graduating from Penn State with a degree in Integrative Arts, I moved to the DC Metro to start my career. Unlike everyone else around here, I am NOT a government employee.  I work in the the Table Tennis industry.  I always find it entertaining explaining my career to all the Federal employees I meet in the DC area.  

I'm the Chief Marketing Officer.. but while working for a small company, you pretty much learn to do every other role in the company as well. I've put in tons of hours, have had lots of stressful moments, but it's all been worth it. Work has allowed me to travel all across the nation, across the world, and the ability to be apart of so many amazing things.  I've learned so much by being apart of a small entrepreneurial business. Seeing the fruits of our labor and seeing our business grow has been absolutely wonderful.

So who do I work for?  Here is the scoop!  3 businesses, all the same people,  and all the same fun.

North American Table Tennis:  
An event management company that runs table tennis events all across the nation.  We run the only professional table tennis tour in the United States.  We also run the US Open and US Nationals for USA Table Tennis and also process their ratings.

JOOLA was the official table supplier of the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Olympics.  We are the official distributor of this high end German table tennis brand in the United States. We are also the official apparel and table sponsor of USA Table Tennis!

We created a fun table tennis robot that can serve different spins & speeds!  One of the most fun projects I've been associated with.


When I get the chance to breathe after work, I spend my time balancing all the things I enjoy in life.

As much as possible, I try to stay creative outside of work with anything multimedia.  Graphic Design, Photography, etc, you  name it, I'll probably be experimenting with it! And throughout the years, I have become an Apple Nerd.  I love everything about Macs.  They always seem to blend simplicity, design, and efficiency together.  Which is why it's been perfect for all my multimedia needs. I've been told countless times that I should be an Apple salesman since I have converted so many.  Apple if you are listening, I'm waiting for my cut.

Martial arts has always been a huge part of my life. You'll come to learn that  I'm one of the biggest Bruce Lee fans out there. Growing up, I took Ba Gua Kung Fu @ Warfields in Lebanon, PA. I love every aspect of the martial arts.  Body, Mind, and Soul.  

I love music.  I'm always buying and listening to new things.  I have come to learn to appreciate all genres out there, and yes, even country.  I like to listen to lyrics to see what type of emotions and stories are being conveyed.  I like to listen to rhythm and beats to see what kind of energy is flowing to my ears.  I love it all.  And with music, comes dancing.  I enjoy going out there and busting a move every once in awhile.  So I'm sure you'll catch me in the DC Night life scene at some point.

I also love to learn.  I love to learn about new topics, history, and even something about you. I love meeting new people and learning about them. I feel the world is so connected and we are all here to work towards a better life together.  I wish the best for everyone. If you can't tell, I'm a very positive person.

And that's it!  That was quite the overview of me.  If you have any questions, don't be shy and just send me an email! tomnguyentt [at] gmail [dot] com