A conversation with a craigslist scammer.
Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 4:05PM
Thomas Nguyen


I've been trying to sell a camera on craigslist, and have been getting bombarded with emails from scammers.  I decided to finally have some fun with one of them. And just to fill you in, the scam that they are trying to run can be found here. My reply, has been inspired by a website my friend Matt has introduced me to, www.dontevenreply.com. Enjoy and also beware!

Kean Oil <bknite7@gmail.com>:

is the item still available?



kean oil <bknite7@gmail.com>:
I'm interested in the immediate purchase of this item i will be paying you a sum of $1650 i will want to complete the transaction in a very timely manner and i will like you to ship out the item through via LOCAL POST MAIL if you can do this, email me with your paypal id so that i can proceed with payment right away.let me quickly say that i will be sending this unit to my son in WEST AFRICA ,he need this item urgent for his birthday gift,i will be happy if u can email me bac know..

Local post mail won't be timely.  How about you pick it up from me and pay with cash and then fly over to visit your son and hand it to him?  I mean, it is his birthday, so you should see him on his birthday right? I bet he would be SOOOO Happy to see his dad on his birthday!

kean oil <bknite7@gmail.com> :
Thanks for the reply, and I really know how you feel, but I am so happy for the answer, actually I live in california, and I would cometo the pick up but am not in the state right now and I want you to do me a favor by sending this item to my son in AFRICA ,so if you don'thave any account with paypal do logon to  WWW.PAYPAL.COM and return to me with the email address you use so that I can proceed with payment as soon as possible. and that is why i including plus the shipping price 

Wow, you're in California?  Actually you know what, I think I might take a vacation to West Africa. When is his birthday? I want to make sure your son's birthday is special! I'm willing to do this since you seem like a really nice guy. I will book a flight, and rental car, and take it directly to him.   Please send me his address right away.

kean oil <bknite7@gmail.com>:

Hello i think i have to explained to you that am a (Ocean-Photographer) i worked main offshore am not available to give you a call due to the nature of my job i can only give you a text message to your mobile phones, Cell phone using is restricted here so this is the reason why am not available to give you a call i also wish to call you but due to that i do not have the chance to give you aring to your mobile i can only text get back to me soon to know what we can do about that,


Hi Kean Oil,

That is crazy!! I am an ocean photographer too!! I'm on a job on the Atlantic ocean right now. There is a hurricane coming, so the water has been pretty rough lately.  Which ocean are your taking photos of?  I too, can't call you either. And I could probably text as well.  But why text each other when we can email each other, just like we have been doing!  It seems like you've been able to send me a lot more info via email anyways. So, please send me your son's address as soon as you can.  I'm looking forward to my vacation in West Africa!


My friend Kean, I have not heard from you.  Did you get the last email? Is everything ok in the ocean?

kean oil <bknite7@gmail.com>:
your PayPal id..

My dear friend Kian,

I'm glad you are ok! I was very worried that you might be swallowed up by waves.  What ocean are you on? Hurricane Sandy is getting stronger.  We are about to leave the Atlantic Ocean.

You know what, you are my dear friend and I don't want to give you my paypal ID until you receive the product.  Why would you pay for it first if you don't receive the product? What happens if you paid me and the camera was broken or not in the condition you want? That would not be fair.  Send me the address, I can surprise your son with his birthday gift, and if he feels that it is in good condition and operationally working, we can then have you pay me.  I think that is the fairest way. Please send me the address asap.


I haven't seen another response yet, but I'll keep you updated if "Kean Oil", the ocean photographer, does respond to me.

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